Everything IS Mobile…Convergence

I have pondered the idea of mobile convergence for many years.  This image is actually the back of one of our kitchen cabinets.  Trying to conceive of what was to come, I created a montage of images and notes.  It became very clear, that soon “everything would be mobile” and I now have a bit of  redemption,  at least in my kitchen.  (J-told you this would come in handy)

Every device is mobile

Convergence means more than applications and tools via mobile.  Whether we are consuming video, shopping, gaming or posting, convergence also implies the ability to effortlessly connect from any device. 

“Social Media is a perpetual celebration of Life… Mobile is it’s Pulse”

The convergence of mobile…mPayments  (think NFC) and mobile resources (think Location) in 2011 will create incredible levels of data.  We are sharing more personal information, at the same time, defining and building trusted resources.

These connections will have to be managed, and with great care.  In real-time, brands  have to respond and adapt to what people identify as…relevant.

Glimpse inside – The mobile section of the 2011 Global Trend Report

Mobile connections are forming new sources of ideas, news and advice; changing not only the way we communicate, but how we discover and live.

Mobile has become a life tool. The most relevant of information should be easy to find and quick to use. More direction, should then extend from these key points of interest.  Developers are hoping to create solutions that will enable total convergence across any device, but they must also pay attention to our demand for fun and engaging mobile experiences.


The ability to capture user behavior within each interaction will help to create more dynamic mobile occasions.  To remain a sustainable mobile connection, this insight has to be retained, filtered and continuously put-into-play.

For more download our 2011 Emerging Global Trend Report. The full report is available for 14.50 U.S. Via Scribd or Google Checkout

Infographic via Upstream – For larger image click here

[Below] A glimpse of our thinking in 2008 Q1 and Q2 Trends



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