Facebook putting “Social” into Shopping

Excerpt | Emerging Global Trend Report

There is no denying the profound effect of social influence. The ability to shop via social platforms is creating new and more “emotionally” effective ways to inspire influence with share-ability built in.

A Cycle-of-Courtesy Begins…

Sneakpeeq created partnerships with national and boutique brands to bring social shopping experiences to Facebook.  Shoppers are offered an in-store shopping experience with real-time sharing.

Intuitive targeting assures personalized messages and content suggestions…

Gloople builds platforms that are helping brands to create all-in-one social shopping solutions.

Rent The Runway helps those of us with nothing to wear!  An inspiring collection that includes something for everyone.  Social window shopping is fun and easy via favorites.  “Successories” are also available.  ( At our house success and accessories go hand-in-hand)

shhh…these truly are  some of my favorites :o)

A few data points to ponder:



2 thoughts on “Facebook putting “Social” into Shopping

  1. Thank you John. You may want to consider having a look at our trends report. The report offers an interactive view of social media, mobile and more. The convergence across trends is compelling and within this report easy to understand. Looking forward to your review!

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