LG Thrill 4G Enables a Collective 3D View | Jane’s Addiction Concert

LG  has embraced the idea of enabler!   At a recent Jane’s Addiction concert, fans were enabled to share their view by capturing footage of the concert via the LG Thrill 4G. The event was the first 3D user-generated concert and was also broadcast live on YouTube.  The concert will later be available on YouTube 3D.

Events, Concerts and Sports are perfect opportunities for brands to enable collaborative and immersive experiences for fans.

This is one TREND that will certainly disrupt!

Another great solution for collective video is @CollabraCam.  CollabraCam captures more of the Entire Experience. Created by Apptopus, Inc., CollabraCam is an app that produces multiple immersive  views via collaborative video footage. Result: Extraordinary perspective, unique storytelling and meaningful context!

Back Story– LG and Jane’s Addiction asked fans to help with the “World’s First User Generated 3D Concert Film shot entirely on the LG Thrill 4G super phone.”   Fans captured the band from their personal and from very different perspectives “all angles”.



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