Interactive Publishing: Ideal for Extending Experiences

A look inside our 2011 Emerging Global Trend Report

One of my favorite trends is interactive publishing and the implications for extending experiences through mobile devices. In fact, the report itself was created to be viewed within a tablet format.  Using full-view, every page offers links to more information.

Bringing stories to life…

Interactive (digital) publishing will disrupt how writers create and editors view publishable content, but more importantly how people consume content, learn and share.  With Facebook’s recent acquisition of Push Pop Press, even more disruption is ahead.

eBooks  in U.S. -202.3% growth in sales Feb 2011 [Assoc for American Publishers]

Immersing readers within the content and forming strong emotional connections is critical within these environments. is one example of just how much content will evolve.  Within this clever platform, readers are challenged and encouraged to participate.

Disney has already created interactive content within children’s book apps and will soon publish digital comics. Imagine the opportunities for integration and gamification within these offerings.



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