la Spagoguida 2011…Now with Google+

2Spaghi is one of the case studies in our just released 2011 Emerging Global Trends Report. They are the biggest social network in Italy sharing authentic reviews about restaurants and hotels. Recently, 2Spaghi added Google+ to each of the restaurant pages making it even more a part of the social graph.  2Spaghi’s Facebook page already has almost 7,000 followers and has proved a fertile environment for ideas and discussion.

The idea of influence grew organically leading to lasting connections, accountability and even fun disagreements

The release of la Spagoguida 2011 is the focus and heart of our social media category. Why? Italy’s first people-to-people restaurant social-guide is written by “guests” of these restaurants, and the information is updated constantly. The guide is updated through social media. Not only do you get the information that you seek, but you can share your thoughts, impressions and recommendations of your experience.

         Nurturing people-to-people connections leads to a Reciprocal Process| What we call a CYCLE-OF-COURTESY

People participate in the life of this guide. Without people constantly nourishing this guide with their passion, experiences and authentic perceptions, it would wither away to irrelevance.  So, what is the key to keeping this dynamic space an exciting social resource? The creators have adopted a nurturing approach, one that has proved successful for the restaurants, the guests and those seeking “real” reviews and information.

To preview the full report…click here!



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