Engagement? Okay, but only if I have to!

More from Brad!

I have launched a social media campaign for a friend. I picked it up on the side, to help him in my free time. How difficult could it be?

Start a Facebook page, have a Twitter account. Link the accounts to one another, friend a few people and it will take care of itself, right?

I wish.

Turns out, it is a bit more involved than simply tagging a couple people and “like“ing them.

There needs to be a little more conversation than that.

Engagement. Involvement. Starting a conversation and carrying on with it, in an appealing and genuine manner. Simply “friend”ing, “tag”ing, “circle”-ing, and “like”ing are only the beginning.

If you want people to follow or friend you, just like any genuine friendship or networking partnership in the sidewalk and street-corner world, they have to believe that you want to engage them just as you would ask the same of them. Make the extra effort to engage and the your page will take the “hits”.



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