Inside The “Everything Is Changing” Room

In the age of Groups, Lists, Hashtags and Circles; the immense level of comparative information is tremendous. The idea of segments must not only be contextually rich, but also allow for continuous change. This information must be carefully extracted,  filtered and then acted on… in real-time.

Traditional advertising was designed to disrupt…stop us in our tracks…force us to pay attention to an all-inspiring message that marketers “KNEW” we would want to hear.  Offering products brand managers “KNEW” we would want to buy…at least “they” thought so.

People have digitally matured!  We not only filter our personal information stream, but separate our business/brand streams as well. We want to consume and digest information that we want to consume, not what “they” want us to consume.

Brands have to keep up with people, ALWAYS listen, and never disrupt our course. In some ways the process is much easier. Brands now have the advantage, the ability to KNOW what we are really saying and experience, first hand, how brands fit in our lives.

Brands new role…service, resource provider and enabler…

Aspire to be “My” branded connection to…..?

As a trusted resource, we will invite brands to tag-a-long in life; perhaps even rely on brands within discontinuous spaces.

Social media and engagement are more than just a data point…

Always listen.  We are saying and sharing, sometimes even shouting, what we want.

  • Change and adapt…Now that you really KNOW what we need
  • The new war room is a corporate “everything is changing” room

Yes, these insights are unstructured and rightly so. It would be impossible to try and fit enormous levels of unstructured data into pre-determined buckets.  But, understanding that filters can play a role in making sense of ever-evolving insight offers direction and a real solution.

Remain flexible within thinking about how and what to filter.

Effectively integrating social media within a traditional marketing strategy requires an understanding of the value of social connections.

Engagement within social media is only the first step. The difference between engagement and true connections lives within how you prepare, respond and adapt

More: Social Media Moving from Engaged to Connected

From the very smart Erik Qualman



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