The X-Factor: Sports Teams and Social Media

Even though social media should be second nature to professional sports teams by now, not everyone gets it. Sports, especially professional sports, is a social interaction. Not just the game, but the activities associated with it. Fan Clubs, Tailgates, Draft Parties, Rallies, Team Introductions, All-Star Games and the like, are all social experiences.

Does your favorite team truly engage and connect with it’s Fans?

“Great social media moments are born from great social media opportunities!”

Buffalo Bills Introduce New Uniforms with Military Personnel.                      -Dallas Mavericks- Site                                                            –Cleveland Indians Social Suite seating

Does your favorite team really interact with the Fans, or do they just broadcast the team news via social media platforms.

The X-factor: Emotional connections.  Teams must engage and connect with their fan-base. Allow the Fans to play out their emotional role in the game/team. Compel the Fans to feel as if it is Our Game/Team, not just the game/team. When the Fans go to the ballpark, stadium, etc., the overall feeling should be- “I’m in my element…part of the team”.

It seems all professional sports teams participate in social media. But there is only a handful that actively immerse fans in the game and themselves within social media, to engage and connect.

What about your team? Any thoughts?

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