Disney Baby building “Definite” Connections via Facebook

User reviews are already a part of social media. Ignoring them is simply not acceptable.  Social brands must learn to nurture and manage negative comments. Understanding the significance of response(s) creates more than positive options; they often provoke a reciprocal process that will benefit the brand.

Disney Baby had shared a promo code via Facebook that was not recognized within the process of the online purchase. Several Moms commented. Disney Baby quickly responded to Moms within the comment section.  Remaining accountable for the glitch and authentically committed to getting it right, Disney did more than simply change a negative tide.  They triggered a wave of positive and emotional connections.

A Cycle -of- Courtesy

Just two days later a “cycle-of-courtesy” has developed.  An “Oh My Gosh” moment emerges from a once negative comment.

Tiffany was excited to share good news – rewarding Disney Baby with a mention on her personal Facebook page.

A vote of confidence from a social savvy Mom…

“Disney Baby responded by not only fixing the problem but sending me the item and an additional gift for free, express shipping!! They have my business Definitely. :-)”

We Love Happy Endings!!

Image source: Disney Baby on Facebook



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