Social Media and Facebook…How is your Defense?

 It’s not just social media…It’s a foundation for collaborative innovation and the most important element of sustainable business strategies

“I think”

We are monitoring a Facebook page that is generating a great deal of personal thought in opposition to a brand’s suggestion. The brand seems to be losing control of their message as posts continue. An alternative page was created and is growing at an accelerated rate.  It is possible that the alternative page may never have been created if the brand had responded in a timelier manner and with genuine regard.

When businesses are confronted with social media challenges, how they handle sensitive situations becomes as important as even the most valued element, of any product or service.  Social media dialogues can spiral out of control very quickly.  Your ability to leap- in and actively manage dialogues and encourage support depends on how prepared you are…well in advance.

Essential elements of response: Authenticity, Conviction and Flexibility

Prepare, Train and Practice…have guidelines in place and a protocol for a 24/7 response.

  • Speed
  • Nurture
  • Options
  • Positioning
  • Containment

Be careful not to over-control the message, remain sensitive to the emotional context that triggered the social flare-ups.  Support your brand’s message, but at the same time listen, and reflect real interest in those that challenge your position.  Champion the cause, funnel dialogues into a productive result.

Respond across social media bridges, especially within Facebook.  Manage your branded message / positioning continuously and seamlessly to avoid falling within an awkward state of late reaction.

Be involved and equally devoted within the subject manner.  Respond often and individually.   Social media, and in particular Facebook, are living entities of emotion.  Remaining silent offers a very negative sentiment and reflects a lack of concern… not an option.

Observed Facebook posts…

“I am glad you are continuing to allow people to post their comments and suggestions”

“Facebook should be a place where people can feel free to express their opinions”

Appreciation is essential. The added value of being heard will strengthen ties. Even the simplest token of recognition will build emotional connections.  The purpose of social media is to communicate and understand how people perceive your offerings.  Preparing a sustainable system of information sharing/extraction is challenging, but certain to become the continuous source for business decisions and future strategies.



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