We’re Going Streaking!…ESPN

That is currently the battle-cry of my son-in-law. No, not that 70’s fad. We’re talking ESPN Streak For The Cash.

Not only has ESPN created an addicting game/competition, they have also engaged hundreds-of-thousands of players.  You log in each day (as many times as you choose), to make selections/guesses on the outcome of certain sporting events or circumstances. You are measured by your win streak. Yes…that’s consecutive wins.

Engaging…and a source of knowledge…

You can find almost any imaginable stat, or other relevant information, on the ESPN Streak for the Cash website. Of course! They want you to engage with them, and their advertisers, as often as possible. When it gets down to the wire, one could conceivably spend 2/3 of the day on the ESPN website.

But what about connecting…

Their doesn’t seem to be any effort to make real connections. Maybe it’s tough to get that demographic to interact and respond to Facebook, blogs and message boards; but wouldn’t it be worth the effort? The element of real people competing, offers compelling content.  We are People-struck, the idea of celebrity is becoming less and less interesting.  As exciting as this run is; we keep checking the score, the current leader (did he pick today?), the runner-up (what pick did he make? Is he making a run at the leader?), will the leader lay-off and wait and see?, how does this effect me?

Well, maybe they don’t have time to be connected.

But isn’t it worth your time to seed a conversation and listen?

It could be a whole new ballgame!



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