Shopping for a Car…Should Be a Buying Occasion!

Persuaded… Most automotive brands are doing a great job using social media to engage and intrigue us. The authentic messages are inspiring and truly reflect a brand’s desire to connect.  We are especially thrilled to see savvy brands include people within the creative design phase of new features…smart!

But, what happens next…?

We ask friends, search, and interact within exciting online experiences.

We walk into a dealership…expecting an exhilarating occasion like Mardi Gras and New Year’s Eve, just waiting to happen!

Open the door…Enormous Disappointment!

Wait…what dealer did the folks online go to for purchase? No one has ever “shared” a great buying experience! Yikes, what did we get ourselves into?

Never mind the brand, the ads, the car, the features or the price.  It all REALLY starts with the experience.

We are looking for a new car, we know what we want, and can’t wait to drive our new SUV off the lot. But, first we have to go through a primitive sales process.  The atmosphere alone was enough to drain any level of excitement and anticipation from our souls.  The salesperson found it compelling to talk us out of what we wanted. Even worse, propose a dialogue that was clearly within his personal agenda and in total disregard for what was best for US!!!

“Honestly, I’m thinking of a different brand now”

We politely struggled through the most mind-numbing thirty minutes of rhetoric (felt like four hours).  Then, could not wait to escape…leave.

“Judge a car salesperson by the level of dust on their last salesperson-of-the-year award

So, how do you find a great car buying experience? Should I just go around until I find a salesman I like?

The searching experience, the buying experience and the service experience…each are an essential part of the cycle.

It’s not so much about having a salesperson that is courteous, professional

or knowledgeable. It doesn’t even really matter if they know every single aspect of the car.   We were looking for authenticity, empathy, and if at all possible…a hell of a lot of FUN.

It all REALLY starts with the experience… and the experience must feel like an occasion!

…a daily celebration for the next 24-60 months

Should we be holding brands responsible here?  After all it is their LOGO screaming at us via commercials and on the door next to the blow-up seasonal figure.  We do our best to overlook all-of-this silly hubbub.

Note: This adventure has been inspired by 3 people (age 26-31) each buying a new car in 2011.  The First, bought a Mini Van after doing all the “searching” for the dealer,  the second, is about to give up, and the third is walking into a dealership today to buy a Mini Van and hoping just to get it over with quickly.

[Disclosure- The above examples are from three different brands. A fourth…after a grueling search two years ago, we drove four hours to our new dealer. We even make an eventful occasion out of our yearly check-up!]



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