Apple helps Disney to “Re-Imagine” Retail

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Author: Leslie Kossoff

A bit more insight into what may have inspired Disney‘s immersive approach to retail… Apple! Author Leslie Kossoff, suggests that Steve Jobs’ position as a board member and shareholder positioned his ability to say “Dream-Bigger”…!

One thing is certain, Disney designers were inspired to create an experience edifice first, a retail structure second.

Encouraging Disney’s design may have also been a very interesting way of supporting  our mobile future.  In October of 2009, The New York Times, shares Disney’s ideas for creating mobile interaction.  They certainly have been envisioning clever gathering and enabling the co-creation of shopping occasions, products and memories.

The process of play creates and forms a truly emotional connection!

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The Disney Store on Facebook…A reliable-trusted source!

Disney Store has also become one of our favorite examples of social media perfection.  The Disney Store’s Facebook page allows people to be a “PART” of the space! People are able to post, share photos and videos.  Fans actively ask questions and Disney is quick to respond.  Creating a feeling of “Our” Disney Store via Facebook has nurtured an environment for people to share ideas, and resolve concerns.



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