QR Codes Require Consequence

Recent findings from                                                                                                                   3GVision provide excellent support for our recent post Using QR Codes to “Make” A Connection. 

People require consequence when scanning QR codes. Whether they are looking for a coupon/discount, entering a sweepstakes/contest, or just searching for more information; there needs to be something of relevance at the end of the scan.  People will be looking for the “Free Prize Inside”.

As our knowledge and use of QR codes continues to expand, so will our appetite for “More”.  Brands must realize this and ensure that content is compelling, authentic and reflects a true “ROS”- Return On Scan.

Connected brands will need to design intuitive mobile experiences and advance efforts to respond to an almost intrinsic demand… for “more”.

We are currently working on a large project that incorporates the use of QR codes from many different vendors. We’re surprised by the vast level(s) of interest we have encountered, many rather keen to direct codes to static web sites, while other have embraced the opportunity with creative content that expands their brand experience…more later.



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