Following The News: The World “Needed” To Be Connected

Last evening, as the news of Osama bin Laden’s death broke, people immediately turned to their most trusted source…each other.  Our ideal source of information was not limited to traditional news channels.   People wanted to know what the rest of the world thought… and everyone wanted to share their experiences.

Sharing crowds with the world…Image source:

People were the story…

The course of the story was driven by people, as they began sharing their excitement via tweets, posts, images and video.  More than sharing only with friends, they felt it was their duty to document the occasion and inform the world.  Immediate and authentic reactions told the real story. The “living” story that we wanted to hear.  For traditional news sources, leveraging social connections created a supply of consistent energy and feeding an exceptional system of knowledge.

Unknowing source of information…

People-informing a trusted news source they identify with…



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