Social Media: 2Spaghi “Most Active”…Such a clever APP!

2Spaghi is the largest and most active social environment for restaurants in Italy…

We are simply thrilled! The collective efforts of SpaghiFriends (members of 2Spaghi) continue to disrupt traditional methods for sharing reviews and suggestions of restaurants in Italy.

The creators of 2Spaghi have approached social media with reverence. SpaghiFriends are at the heart of 2Spaghi.  They are the absolute expert, trusted voice and true source of content for 2Spaghi. By enabling the voice of people and nurturing natural connections, 2Spaghi has created sustainable, social media dependence.

Via mobile devices, people connect to 2Spaghi online, find and share favorite restaurants, offer thoughts, and align with those “like-me”.

The brilliant creators have been careful not to disrupt the natural process of discovery, and in doing so have established a Cycle-Of-Courtesy.  Their approach continues to generate extraordinary insight and inspire the bright critic in all-of-us. The result; an emotional connection to every dining experience and a trusted resource for all.

“A new Cycle-of-Courtesy has developed; where people, compelled to share ideas and experiences with others, has become a common and expected task. It’s as if they feel it’s their duty…informing others is simply a natural part of the reciprocal process”

Read More Here: Brands Defining Their Role in the Purchase Process and the Cycle of Courtesy



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