Bring the Fans Into the NFL Draft Experience!

While watching the 1st round of the 2011 NFL Draft last night, as exciting as it was, some ideas came to mind on how to better “share the experience” and bring the fans closer to “Their Draft”. Pallino1021 has pushed the thought of how sports need to bring the fan closer to the game and ultimately their team…turning “The Game” experience into “Our Game” experience. Why not start with the Draft?

“With the first round pick of this year’s NFL Draft, the (insert your team name) select ______!”

What true fan, in their right mind, would not want to make that call, LIVE, at the next NFL Draft? Why not? Allow a dedicated fan to make that once-in-a-lifetime announcement, onstage or via social media. Imagine if they were more involved in the process of communicating picks. If the NFL and their teams want to make their sport the best it can be…read on!

What we saw of the fans last night was just chanting and cheering. Let each team  empower the fans with the message. Select  a groups of fans to be in one place, sharing thoughts and feelings in real time via Twitter and Facebook. Show video of fans interacting and communicating. Teams should engage the fans on their thoughts of draft picks, and why. I know it wasn’t a result of the draft, but if the fans had been consulted about the T.O. deal, maybe the Buffalo Bills would not have wasted a season on a quitter. (Sorry for the sour grapes, I’m truly a homer)

It almost seems fans, except those fortunate enough to be at Radio City Music Hall, were missing. Enabling the social draft experience would benefit the fans, the players, the franchises and the NFL.

What do you think? Would you be overwhelmed to announce one of “Your Team’s” draft picks next year?

I Know!

Me Too!

Social Media: Staying Tuned-In to the NFL



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