Social Media: Staying Tuned-In to the NFL

Does the NFL lockout and draft have an effect on social media. You bet it does!

The lockout…

Everybody was talking about it. Some of the players were more outspoken than others, while some kept their true feelings “close to the vest”. The owners responded in much the same way. Truth is: through Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, LinkedIn, etc.; many involved were more than eager to share their thoughts and feelings.

Quite a few of the players kept us updated on their personal regimen during the lockout, some with their thoughts/anecdotes included.

The same with the owners, even though it may have been through the team’s social media avenues.

The truth is: if we were interested…we could get almost up to the second information on the situation. Yeah, social media channels and reliance of peer-to-peer response is becoming more important then just waiting to see what will be reported at 5, 6, and 11pm.

In Sports – Social media is critical. Connections define the difference between a Fan’s impression of  “The Game” or an “OUR GAME” experience.

Following the Draft Buzz!

The Buzz Continues and FANS are a compelling part of it!  The NFL has created a much needed resource. Twitter posts from NFL insiders, players, teams,  the media and the FANS are aggregated, offering a full picture of what everyone is talking about right now!

So, stay tuned-in…to your social media channels!

Note: A.J. Green more than 200 posts about him in 5 mins.



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