Collecting Extreme Experiences….3D Projection Mapping

One thing is certain, 3D projection mapping is certainly social.   Brands have been quick to leverage the artistic creativity and the technology, to tell epic stories and inspire share-able content.

Creative thinking!  Extending the brand experience is more than simply communicating a branded message.  Immersive content is compelling!

People experiencing these events simply “MUST” share the brand’s content!!

Always Adding New Favorites!!

29, November 2011

Nokia lights up London with an amazing 4D projection and deadmau5

Millbank Tower, London. Imagine 120 metre high buildings and 800 windows covered with vinyl.  Nokia positioned 16 projectors, 300 meters across the river.

TEDxArabia 2011 | 3D Projection Mapping | Backyard Studios


Sharing A Bit of Happiness!! We love every bit of @CocaCola’s 125 years of Happiness Celebration! Coca-Cola has a way of making all-of-us feel worth the effort!

Fanta Chase Dubai, created an interactive 3D mapping occasion at the Dubai Mall.  Folks were encouraged to “continue the chase” via Facebook.

“More Fanta, Less Serious”

Hyundai has certainly created an intriguing promotional experience. Although, it is not interactive, it is very Share-Able!

“New Thinking. New Possibilities”

Vodafone shared their vision of the evolution of the cell phones.

“What’s Next”?

Johnnie Walker’s 3D projection mapping event was created to celebrate the  “Green Label”

“The Journey of Nature”



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