CollabraCam Captures The Entire Experience

CollabraCam is an iPhone app created by Apptopusinc and was just nominated for a Webby Award in the Best Use of Mobile Video category.

With the help of friends, CollabraCam lets you tell the whole story via video.  Through the strength of collaboration, friends can capture and share more of the experience.

The app allows four friends to capture their best shot.  Each view reflects a unique perspective and keen advantages that would otherwise be missed.  The designated director is able to curate and direct the content while viewing, recording and editing streaming video on their iPhone. Directors can upload a rough-cut version to video editing software for refinement or immediately upload to social media spaces. CollabraCam also automatically credits everyone involved!

Co-creating the Story…

Collaborative efforts are always likely to inspire emotional connections.  As CollabraCam shares different views, incredible levels of context are developed. Brands seeking deep contextual insight may consider inviting friends to share their collective view of sporting events and special occasions.

[From the site] CollabraCam provides a quick, easy and fun way to engage in multi-camera video production with your family, friends and colleagues. CollabraCam’s patent pending technology eliminates the need for thousands of dollars worth of equipment, wires and expensive software with a simple, yet powerful, live video editing workflow previously only available to professionals.



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