A Look at What Ads Should Be

TED wanted to celebrate ads/videos that nurtured our need to stay-tuned,  get involved and ultimately SHARE!

Messages can no longer simply broadcast self-proclaimed brilliant content and hope that people will pay attention.   TED created Ads Worth Spreading, a competition to better understand what compelling content is.

Four innovative categories were created:

  • TALK

These ads / videos create sustainable connections, but even more important, they challenge the way we think.  Within each winner we become immersed in new experiences and true emotions.

Consider the brand’s new role(s); service, resource provider and enabler.  Each requires elements of all-things-real. Authenticity, Flexibility, and Conviction are key, but it is important to support a relentless focus on creating meaningful experiences.

Authentic and true-to-our-heart…people are at the center of these messages

Experience the  10 winners of our first Ads Worth Spreading competition



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