Good Service and Bad Service …both are very SOCIAL!

First day of vacation…

First stop…Cincinnati MINI for Service… We are Happy to be here!

We live less than 40 minutes from a good service provider for our MINI.  We live 4 hours away from the BEST service provider for our MINI!

Everything they do at Cincinnati MINI is about the MINI experience. It’s a fun atmosphere; From the sales floor…to the service area…to the website. It is not an inconvenience to come in for service…it’s a MINI occasion!

MINI gets “IT”, marketing is only a message, but service and authentic attention to MINI owners is a route to creating sustainable connections…and shareable content.

Consider the brand’s new role(s); service, resource provider and enabler.  Each requires elements of all-things-real. Authenticity, Flexibility, and Conviction are key, but it is important to support a relentless focus on creating meaningful experiences.

Good Service and Bad Service …both are very SOCIAL!

Ecosystems are made up of intelligent connectors that supply continuous learning.  At the same time, stimuli is extracted, refined and introduced back into the social graph or decision making process.



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