Convergence and Intuitive Design in Real-time

“Global innovation is at the heart of Corning today and has been for our 160-year history,” Wendell P. Weeks, Chairman, CEO and President

It may be true; nobody is more excited about the future than Corning.

“We envision a world where technology enables seamless delivery of real-time information…a natural and intuitive interaction with the virtual world”

At Corning, innovation begins with a collaborative mindset, working with customers to discover new ways of connecting, and with unlimited possibilities.  Corning’s innovation considers the future of anytime/anywhere and the need for intuitive communication when creating sustainable connections.

With a creative view of convergence across platforms, Corning’s designs enable our ability to move about quickly and not miss anything.

There is little doubt, our future will become an ecosystem of content and connections. While intuitive targeting assures personalized messages and loyal connections; the information captured will offer extraordinary advantages for continuous refinement.

Mobile convergence will complete a system of experiences and occasions, each filled with an opportunity for continuous learning



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