Mobile Convergence: Information, Social Networking and Shopping

Is true convergence in a holding pattern, while we wait for technology to catch-up? YouGov and Antenna Software confirms that we are anxious to connect anytime and anywhere, but our daily interactions are somewhat hindered by less than “ideal” mobile web speed, size and design.

Image source: eMarketer

However, results do offer encouraging use of mobile as resources for information, social networking and shopping.   Last week we shared ideas about a few of the lessons we have learned.  One certainty remains, mobile devices have developed into an enabling “Life Tool” and are quickly becoming an absolute necessity within emerging markets..

@notixtech offers a quick review of a very mobile February 2011...

63 million smartphone owners in the US (comScore)

90.36 million Opera mini users  (Opera state of the mobile web Jan2011)

QR code use up 1200% in six months (Mobio – BizReport)

Foursquare over 200,000 super bowl check-ins – A record – (TechCrunch)

President Obama’s Goal: 98% of US covered by 4G (Slashdot)



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