We’re Okay With Privacy Options…Time For “My” Sponsored Stories?

Most of us (78%) are rather satisfied with the privacy options available within Social Media.  We want them in place, and rely on privacy settings to keep “potentially negative experiences” from happening.

Given this ability to trust privacy options…

Do you think people will be more willing to share information?

Companies are learning to trust people with their brand and message.  They are seeing the value of original content and the depth of connection established when organic content is shared.    Still, privacy remains critical and extreme relevance will be expected in return.

Facebook sponsored stories will depend on our ability to TRUST privacy settings in exchange for relevance and more…

The Real passion of people…to share REAL enthusiasm…and to REALly CONNECT!

It is nearly impossible for branded suggestions to create the level of emotional connection found within organic content, especially when organic content is shared with trusted friends.

We find that there is an enormous difference between “organic” content and “branded” content.  But, the convergence of each can be very compelling.  When a brand adopts organic content,  adding their seal of approval, the content becomes “originalbranded” content or “friend-based” content.  When combined with direct authentic interest from the brand, this creates a commanding emotional conductor.

Promoting “friend-based” content offers many levels of engagement, true connections and return.

Facebook Sponsored Stories

Video Facebook Sponsored Stories

‎Still the word “AD” may be a problem…The new Facebook sponsored ads seem to put “control” in the hands of the brand. When people take the initiative to share feelings or experiences about a brand, it is on their terms. Even when savvy brands respond directly to the post, and that post appears on a personal home page, the initial action was intended to be an interactive dialogue with the brand, and not to become an intrusive ad.

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