TED@MotorCity|Was It TED or Lincoln or Intrigue?

So, which brand was it? TED or Lincoln, that brought out enough people to pack the Max M. Fisher Music Center (MI) on a cold Sunday evening in January?

Even more perplexing with virtually no idea of what to expect…

It was only three weeks prior to the event that we received our secrecy shrouded invitation. The event was titled “New Tomorrows”. Wow, what will we learn and discover?

Insert Intrigue… The invitation contained the wording:

“Also, please, no blogging nor tweeting this invitation/event before it takes place”.

Maybe it was the intrigue. “What could they be unveiling?”

Was it the TED brand or the Lincoln brand that made us curious, or incited a ridiculous feeling of being distinguished enough, to accept the invitation and attend? We are TED desperate, (require weekly infusions of TED to stay creative) and have attended TEDx events, so we knew how our names were sourced.  But, were others also invited from previous events?

Were any Lincoln enthusiasts/owners invited?

Soooo many questions…  Advocating extensions of branded experiences at every turn, we hoped Lincoln had created the event as a keen opportunity to share insight and innovation with current and potential Lincoln enthusiasts.

Back to the story…why did we attend?

We relied on our instincts, the value of learning and discovering via TED.  We know that TED is a distinguished and trusted source of innovation and collaboration.  We are familiar with the quality and sound fundamentals of Lincoln.  But given the secrecy and intrigue, except for a few talebearers, we could not validate our attendance via the social graph.

Making a decision without social interaction or trusted influencers…

We were not misled nor disappointed. The event featured world-known Innovators, Creators, Writers and Educators; each with their version of “New Tomorrows”. It was displayed at a great venue, by first class personnel with splendid accouterments.

NYT Review| Envisioning the Motor City, With or Without the Motor

Thank You TED! Thank You Lincoln!



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