PSFK and Microsoft Tag, Share How We Use Mobile Tags

We love this report!

Pondering what’s next in mobile is obviously near and dear to our hearts.  Via mobile, marketing can be nothing less than service and experience.
The ability to expand experiences by creating mobile occasions will likely form the strong emotional connections that make a difference.

Mobile tags, QR codes and search-able content create mobile occasions that people have come to rely on, appreciate and enjoy

Working with Microsoft Tag, PSFK has prepared a very insightful look at how we are using tags.  This report offers a wide-ranging mix of great examples!


2 thoughts on “PSFK and Microsoft Tag, Share How We Use Mobile Tags

  1. I’m the community manager for Microsoft Tag. I’d love to get some of your feedback on the implementations in the report. What you thought was, cool, functional and most of all implementations that were not in the report that you think should have been added. I’m always open to chat about mobile tagging so feel free to reach out to me at any time.

  2. Thanks for reaching out Elliott!
    I found the report offered a splendid reflection of how QR Codes have been adopted. It was good for your readers to see the amazing scope of initiatives.

    What is cool! Mobile devices are becoming more of a life tool and Tags will become an enabler, providing people with many advantages. Likify looks at how people feel about QR Codes (slide 80) and the importance of extending the brand experience. I believe that our dependence on tags will continue to evolve into a familiar resources and incredible mobile occasions.

    I would love to have a brief chat and share a few thoughts about what may be next!
    Please reach me at

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