@AmericanExpress Celebrates Small Business

Kudos to American Express OPEN for declaring the Saturday after Black Friday as Small Business Saturday! Even though small businesses will benefit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it generally doesn’t compare to the large Big Box stores and Corporate Giants’ windfalls.

This will be a day to honor and support those small businesses that keep pushing, keep fighting the giants, staying the course, don’t give up and are there for us when we want/need them. They can change a questionable policy, not hide behind one. Oh, by the way, we’re a small business. Just thought I would throw that in.

This is a great collaborative success for American Express Open, the company’s Small Business unit, and the many small businesses that work with and count on them. Not only does the message get out, but revenue is generated…hopefully. The implications across social and digital media platforms is tremendous. There are already more than 32,000 “Likes” on Facebook, and it is in the infancy stage and still growing! American Express has even built in “share-ability” via social. A small business can simply add their name into a window and immediately “shout out” on Facebook or Twitter requesting Small Business Saturday support. They can also create a “badge” for their site.

As a small business we are encouraged by this action and the way it is manifesting, not to mention the show of support for all Small Business.



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