Questioning Market Research…

All Market Research Is Wrong

PSKF recently shared a great post and a truly compelling account of market research by Faris Yakob. The post brings the value of traditional research into question and given the examples provided…they are absolutely correct.

The challenge with Market Research is the lack of real context within traditional collection methods. Digital media allows for the non-intrusive collection of enormous amounts of usable data. When properly filtered and integrated with other sources, this type of market research can be very telling.

Digital and social environments have to allow for a very natural expression of the user and the process.

Certainly, the idea of a focus group must evolve, becoming a true collaborative experience with the ideal purpose of collective design, and the ability for people to play a stronger role in influencing the brand.

Mobile has to be intuitive, requiring a progressive collection of insight and real-time reaction

More importantly, intuitive communication will be required to create sustainable mobile connections.  Non-intrusive and observational data collection is vital to this process and it is likely that people will relinquish privacy in return for relevance.  Mobile banking and shopping information will authenticate  people-centric loyalty awareness.

We support an active approach to measurement, advocating action planning and the continuous refresh and reprocess of data to create a living system of knowledge.

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All Market Research is Wrong



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