This blog post was written in 2010

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2010- A great deal has been written about Pandora recently and certainly

Pandora is creating “NEW”.

I think it is important to take a look at how powerful Pandora’s ads can be. A few of these ads are designed to generate custom music stations and could evolve to become very powerful.

  • Music forms intense emotional connections
  • People are immersed in the creation and the listening occasion

If the ideal “selections” are in place, people could ultimately build very strong experiences and sharable content; at the same time providing brands with a different view of their audience.

“Listening occasions can be designed to implement and nurture multi-platform experiences that stimulate emotional connectors and create insight”

Immersive experiences and Emotional connections…

  • People are immersed in the process and the occasion
  • Natural progression of collective ideas
  • Relevance is intensely resilient
    • Dependant on influencers
  • Co-creation, based on shared insight / observation
  • Insight generated by behavior and emotion with lasting connections
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