Defining What Is Truly “Innovative”

At a recent conference, speakers boasted about innovation ratings for major corporations.  Looking at the screen, I immediately panned down the list to see what was missing…  I mumbled to myself “this just isn’t right” and in my mind I completely jumbled the list. Moving some companies to the top and a few from the list all together.  My husband set there laughing, expecting me to jump out of my chair.

Dig a little deeper…Why did this list trouble me so?

Not the list, certainly all of the companies were profitable and in many ways innovative, but what was missing…? Collaboration and Co-Creation, a tremendous passion for bringing people into their business at every stage of design, production, sales and service.   More simply, the ability to invite people to play a stronger role in influencing brand performance.

The discovery process can no longer be closed, impenetrable by outside influence…

I was blessed with a challenge, a nearly 18 month task of exploring and attempting to define collaboration. The journey uncovered large and small companies, and in both major markets and small village settings. For me, this journey has ultimately introduced a very different perspective of innovation and an appreciation for those wise to the need for change.

Collaboration and Co-Creation: New Platforms for Marketing and Innovation

A consistent source of wisdom…

A creative and resourceful mindset understands the need to be receptive…and flexible. Learn to embrace the natural process of discovery, as it will better prepare you for future endeavors.  Co-creation can offer many advantages and sustainable business disciplines. Allowing your direction to be molded by the process of experience and interaction, creates a living variable, a dynamic that will continuously redefine your business.

Cultivate your most reliable source…

As technology enables real-time interaction, it is important to pay attention across adjacent and discontinuous spaces.  Collaboration must include active listening, response and strong connections.

My Innovative Definition: A receptive business, open to the possibility that people will collectively help them achieve the impossible!

Pallino1021| Our work is immersed within the dynamics of emerging global trends…alert to the “idea” of constant change across all key indicators.



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