How Do You Write Your Menu?

Maybe because I was in the hospitality business for over 30 years, but I often reference things in a foodie kind of way.

I have written many menus. Many, many menus! There is a knack to writing good menus. What do I mean by a good menu? You know. Sometimes a menu just doesn’t fit the ambiance, theme, clientele, location or just doesn’t seem to make sense for the restaurant that it is in. It may be a well thought-out bill of fare with delicious dishes, but doesn’t sell for one of the aforementioned reasons. A person (chef, owner, foodie) can put together a great collection of entrees that will tickle the most finicky critic’s palette, but if it isn’t the right fit for that particular setting, customers will not be moseying through your entryway. If you open an eclectic high-ticket bistro in a retirement community… you may have targeted the wrong crowd and are destined for failure.

So what does all this menu/restaurant stuff have to do with your business?

It’s about your menu! Are you offering the right product/service to the correct market? Do you have a great concept…but pitching it to the wrong group of buyers? If you are working on your passion in life, you want to make sure you are marketing and engaging with the correct set of dynamics for your project. Too often we have a great product/service, but are engaging the wrong sector through the wrong tools. Be aware of what you have, who you are promoting to, who will buy it, how much they will spend, how you will let the right people know, and what tool(s) you will use. It’s not just having an excellent product, but getting that message to the right people and interacting with them.  Do your homework. Know the answer before you ask the question!

Make sure you have a well thought-out scenario with all of the correct tools in place. Find your market dynamic. Then… Write a menu that fits your niche.

For more thoughts on this…see our Emerging Trends Report.



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