“People Want To Be Heard”…Oprah Winfrey

As the next chapter of “Oprah” begins, we are reminded of what makes Oprah such an extraordinary blessing to those inspired by all things “O”!

Listening…a unique and most humble of gifts.

No  doubt the future of Oprah will be even more inspiring, as the ability for people to connect has been embraced, and listening is already a key element of the process.

So far…more than 12,000 people “like” the idea of being heard and Oprah understands the importance of listening. [Nearly 5,000 comments]

Our post from August 2010

Do You see Me…?

Did You hear Me…?

and did, what I say mean anything to You…?

Simply, why is Oprah Winfrey so Respected, Trusted and Adored by millions?  

She Cared to listen.

“People Want To Be Heard” – Oprah Winfrey    Digital Media teams may want to schedule a few Oprah sessions during the final season.  Understanding why people need to be heard and just how to really listen,  could offer far more value than any conference.



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