Over 40…Are you still Cre8ive and Innov8ive?

Affirmation: We are excited about the pace of change, the allure of creativity and the need for collective innovation!

People under 30 are shifting boundaries, developing technology and encouraging “Real-time…People-to-People” as the new ideal.  We often see many examples of complete brilliance in those under 30 and certainly, they will continue to re-define many business disciplines.

Story after story exposes this “Creative age of Genius” and their resolve to challenge tradition, perfecting a most imperfect world.   But, what about those of us over 40? Can we still be creative, inspired and innovative?

LeT’s SeE!

Just-in-fun, we put together five questions intended to challenge your thought process and illustrate that a natural process of discovery better prepares us for future endeavors.

Disclosure – We are the parents of five creative geniuses ages 23-30.

To take the quiz…click image or Link to Quizilla



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