A look at the next 40 years from The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian shares 4o inspiring ideas, topics and a bit of sad news about what’s in store for us during the next 40 years… A must read!

Top Ten:

1. Sophisticated Buildings Will Be Made Of Mud

2. Coral Reefs Will Be Devastated

3. The Catch of the Day? Jellyfish

4. New Cars Will Be Given Away, Free

5. Industry Will Generate Energy In Space

6. Oysters Will Save Wolves From Climate Change

7. 2,000 New Mammal Species Will Be Discovered

8. It’s Curtains For The World’s Rarest Dolphin

9. Farmers Will Plant Spinach In Tall Buildings

10. The Nation Will Meet The Tests Of The Century Ahead

(Image source: Smithsonian Magazine)



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