Social Connections: The Art of Conversation

Excerpt from our Mid Year Trends Report

Memories are provoked, flooding social spaces with devoted anecdotes and enduring emotional ties

The art of conversation

Note: The recent Old Spice “RESPONSES” project is a brilliant example  of conversation driven connections.  It’s not enough to simply have millions of followers or likes…  You have to RESPOND to understand the benefits of real dialogues.

Companies have learned to avoid intrusive sales-like dialogues; stimulating interest with images, ideas and news that is truly important to their audience.


  • Be careful not to disrupt the natural process of communication , links or connections to like-minded individuals.  This natural process of influence creates a learning opportunity and brings key variables of influence into view.
  • Questions that provoke an emotional response/connection offer extreme levels of insight and form stronger – more trusted bonds.
Example: Disney asks “ What is you favorite memory, character, celebration” …thousands of  endearing responses
Business Implications:
  • Inclusive view of personal style and behavior
  • Captive audience / personalized experiences
  • Visualize and refine direction as new ideas will emerge
  • Measurement must include full life-cycle with context


  • Outlet for creativity, genuine perceptions and multiple points of participation
  • Touching the process  through real dialogues



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