Mobile: Measurement Differentiated by Transparency

Excerpt from our Mid-Year Trends Report

“Mobile phones now offer a utility for us to better interact and transact”

Saj Cherian, principal at Valhalla Partners

Measuring a mobile ecosystem

Branded mobile connections promote products  and  offer service, but they also create personalized  content / experiences.


•Non-intrusive and observational data collection vital
•Multi-screen agendas require useful metrics and integration of data
•Mobile cloud services advance
•Mobile ads  and apps capture meaningful user data
•Performance mobile ad networks  -TARGETING and MANAGING Connections
•Advertisers increased rich media spend 85% in May  (Millennial Media)
ComScore well positioned within mobile analytics  M:Metrics and now Nexius

Business Implications:

*GSMA supports a common mobile media currency
*Advanced methods of data collection that include naturally captured data (e.g. behaviors, attitudes and experiences)
*Payment models and applicable direct measurement evolving
*Augmented Reality requires more functional metrics
*Ability to make near real-time adjustments



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