Re-Inventing Decision Making


The process of decision making has changed. I believe it’s a change for the good.

Some may still choose the old method of “we will get a few of the senior managers together and decide what’s right”. These types would be from the old “there’s only a few of us smart enough to make decisions” gang.  They force people to accept decisions… as “it’s the best thing”; whether  for the employees or the customers.  If the “decision of change” doesn’t work: it’s either the employees or customers fault. It can’t be the “smart guys” fault…they’re too smart to make a bad decision. The CYA agenda follows the “smart guys’ decision making process”.

The paradigm has shifted. It takes a level of humility to embrace the value of collective ideas. We are now in the information sharingwhat do you thinkI value your input age. We need our employees’ opinions and input. We want them to share in the decision making process and have equity in the direction of the business. We need our customers’ opinions and input. We want their direction and understanding of tier purchase making process.  Today we should be of the “we will make it your way” or “let’s build it together” thought process.  Far removed from “we’ll make it this way and they will purchase what we make” thinking. As it should be.

Take a look. Your last business decision…which method did you follow? Did it work for you? Is it time to re-invent your decision making procedure…or are you allowing others to help guide your direction.

Whatever you choose…make it work for you!



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