Stay Up on Trends


In a recent blog, Stay Up on New Stuff, Chris Brogan makes excellent points on keeping up with technology. Don’t become complacent and re-evaluate your business system four times a year…or so. I completely agree with Chris, but would add: Stay Up on Trends! I’m not taking issue with Chris’s blog, but merely expanding on it.

You can have the fastest, coolest and most expensive business technology out there. If you have it pointed in the wrong direction however, you could end up blowing your foot off. And vice versa! If you are in tune with the latest developments and emerging trends without a means to execute and engage, you’re paddling upstream.

So, how to do that, you ask? Beside the usual trusted sources for news, blogs and reviews; stay plugged in. There is a continuous feed of information and trending, right at your fingertips. It’s called the internet…you know…the information superhighway. Scour these sights, and as many other relevant links as you can, then ask “what if”?What will be the outcome if that happens?How can this change things to come? It’s constant monitoring and assessing. Nobody has the exact answers, unless you’re Frank Sinatra and Have The World On A String…OK, or Michael Buble.  My point is: continually be evaluating and re-calculating. An additional method: spend some time with Trend Reports that are available from people who have a passion for this. Whatever measures you take; apply it to the world, apply it to your business, and apply it to you personally.

Yeah, it sounds like a lot of extra stuff to do on top of your original job. However it’s stuff that you can’t afford not to do…unless of course, you’re Frank.



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