Immersive Experience


It’s not enough for brands to connect, engage and interact with people. They must form an attachment through an ongoing emotional connection. They must bring people into their organization…partners standing side by side…plunged into every aspect of the process through immersive experience.

When you purchase a bottle of olive oil at your favorite market, you take it home and sample it. If you like it; you look it up online, “Like” it on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, see if they have a social community…you know, find out as much about them as you can and form a bond. It is up to the olive oil producer to engage and interact with you. But, just advertising on a Facebook page, answering questions on their community website, or tweeting about specials and new product launches is-not-enough.

Brands must bring you into every aspect of the product: Getting peoples’ suggestions on different uses for the oil…then responding to them by name, posting videos showing harvest, videos showing how people prune the trees, allowing photos of the frontoio (olive oil press and factory), and making you a part of every integral component along the way.

Let me explain…We have experienced raccolto di oliva (olive harvest).  We have climbed the trees, sorted the olives and spent precious waiting time at a frontoio; not simply to  bring home a few bottles of cherished olio, but to carry a piece of the process in our hearts forever.

We cherish these special bottles of Olio SOAVIS, bottles that John and Deanna helped harvest and process. We were truly immersed in the experience.

Benziger Family Winery is a superb example of a brand that immerses people in the experience. Go to their website, Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube account or get their app for your mobile device. They take you from the winery to the vineyard and completely immerse you in the: who, what, where, when, why and how of everything Benziger. You feel a part of their program as much as a winemaker or vineyard laborer on the estate.

It’s not enough to just courteously chat. People must feel, from top to bottom, immersed in the experience.



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