Nike vs Adidas for Global Attention…Some Fans don’t care

The stage has been set for The FIFA World Cup and the World has arrived to experience Football…not Brands.

Example:  Nike is challenging Adidas for a share of their captive  global market, but in doing so may have created a bigger challenge.  Negative sentiment of the brand.

The problem: Nike and many other Brands may have simply tried too  hard and left no room for response or adaptability.

Invest in football fans. Make fans smarter or let them have fun.  Who could predict the power of a Vuvuzela?

Companies’ investments may not yield the reactions they had hoped for.  It seems that the fan’s true passion for football and their adoption of personalization / sharing, may have been undervalued when developing content.

While content is very entertaining, fans want information right now, not epic movies. These fans live football…If they wanted to see a movie, they would have gone to the theater.

The results… an out-of-reach and disconnected, “The – Game” mentality.

At times, some brands even seem to interrupt the deep experience of the game…to shout out messages.  Fans already know what the brands are; messages almost insult their intelligence.

Are they trying to “Brand-us-to-death”?

Fan quotes:

“Well to be honest…. I think adidas is still stronger… I can’t even guess the money nike is throwing away in this epic adv campaign to get our feet in their shoes…..”

“I don’t really think they are acting smart with this kind of communication…”

“The ads all look the same to me”

What savvy brands did well:

  • Created information sharing capabilities
  • Put fans in the game with adaptable content
  • Embed fans in all elements of the game
    • Pre/post game experience

Enable fans to experience authentic content that emotionally connects them to the games.

Emotional connections fuel an “OUR – GAME” mentality.

Lasting commitments to a new brand will require a devoted effort to the fan relationship. Once the brand proves itself worthy of attention, they are obligated to continuous relevance…defined by all things real.


Nike has created a Facebook app allowing fans to select their favorite Nike endorsed team and personalize a jersey

National Team Kit Facebook App.

Choose a name, number, and share it.

Goal is to get the most fans for your team.

Other Facebook Apps



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