The New Yellow Pages

Yes, there is a new Yellow Pages in digital media; at least for location-based, service industry businesses. With the emergence of such mobile apps as Open Table, Yelp, Foursquare, Gowalla and the like; the Yellow Pages went Digital! These are location-based mobile apps that allow you to comment on where you are, comment on the experience you’re having and add any other colorful input that fits the occasion or location. Anymore, a business wants to be checked-into via these mobile social tools; as often as positively possible. This is how people connect, get information on restaurants, hotels, markets, bars, libraries and any other location that someone feels is relevant. All of these venues want to appear, with positive comments, on any/all of these short 140 character decision making sites.

A generation and a half ago, the decision to be in the Yellow Pages was not the only decision. The decision was how many categories to be listed in, to get the name out to as many people as possible. There was a cost for each one of these steps. Today the challenge is the same…the process, and the cost, is the difference.

What’s the value you ask?

To the business: It’s inexpensive! It doesn’t cost anything…except good service, a good quality product and an excitement and allure to be there…an extension of the brand experience.

To the people: Everything relevant…with the short investment of time to type your comments and thoughts about the experience.

The ROT (Return On Time) to both is enormous.

To the business: It’s not only word of mouth, but word of the people…so to speak. You do a good job and the word just keeps on spreading.

To the people: Relevant messages, discounts and authentic comments from your peers with a true picture of what to expect.

This isn’t your Grandmother’s Yellow Pages!…It’s been replaced by social digital media.

What will be the next step?



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