People across 27 countries are searching for product information and buying online

Want a glimpse of how they are thinking?

IAB Euro has teamed up with Google and TNS Infratest to offer the Consumer Commerce Barometer

A FREE tool that provides internet purchase insight (buy/search) across 27 countries and 36 product categories

I thought it would be interesting to compare online shopping perceptions across Russia,  South Africa and Turkey with many European countries.

A simple look at the level of adoption of online resources used for researching products.

I selected the following protocols.

  • The internet is the FIRST place I usually go to when researching products to buy
  • FMCG and Healthcare
  • High level of online use
  • Age 35-54

Results: An interesting comparison

Russia, South Africa reflect a strong reliance on the web for product information before purchase.   Very much aligned with most European countries and to an extent surprisingly ahead of many.

You can easily link to graphs, customize the look and export the .csv file for integration with other data…cool!



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