Kindle a treasure in Ghana Classrooms

Kindle brings knowledge to a place where Books are a treasured gift.

Recently highlighted in Wired… has been testing the impact of Kindle and e-readers at OrphanAid, Africa’s Primary School in the village of Ayenyah, Ghana. For children in developing countries, using e-reader technology is an exciting and inspiring knowledge source.  Perhaps the most astonishing benefit is how quickly student’s learning ability has improved and their adoption of reading outside of the classroom…reading has become a preferred pastime.

The immediate benefits of e-readers devices in developing countries:

  • Fast content downloads compared to the time element for replacing textbooks
  • · Cost – extreme savings and access to more relevant content
  • Take it with you – Light weight and ease of use
  • Built in dictionary and text-to-speech technology tackles the challenges of learning

Clever use of solar technology

A good problem to have…batteries quickly run out of power.

Solution: A windmill, powers solar cells that supply a set of 12-volt car batteries.  Students have been taught to conserve battery power by turning off the Kindles wireless GSM radio connection when they don’t need it.

For more details please read the blog


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