With more than five million fans on Facebook and thousands of interactions on other social media platforms every day, Coca-Cola has become a natural part of the conversation, learning to trust people with the Coca-Cola brand and their image.

Coca-Cola has challenged traditional business models, adopting the advantages of real connections and intuitive response to build sustainable relationships.  By leveraging the unique aspects of every interaction, Coca-Cola engages people naturally… encouraging fans to become friends.

“If you drink anything besides Coca Cola at my house it is because you brought it with you

More than 5000 fan photos on facebookSource: http://www.facebook.com/cocacola

“Allow dialogues to run a natural course”

Coca Cola doesn’t have to seed content on a regular basis; simply enabling authenticity to thrive within social environments is perhaps the most important aspect of their social strength. For instance, Coca-Cola communication with fans on Facebook is non-intrusive, authentic, entertaining and informative.

Social media effectiveness depends on brands becoming a natural part of the conversation and understanding “this” process of influence.


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