Fan-centric experience – The Future!

  • March 11 2009

Meandering about the world of social media and pondering the future of fan-centric experiences.

Engaging fans at a personal level has become a compelling part of the fan experience. Digital media (Twitter/social space etc) provides the ideal platform for authentic interaction and a few “smart” celebrities have embraced the practice.

I have noticed that most seem to enjoy their ability to connect with fans, and are delighted by the real-time inspiration they receive. Other key advantages; the celebrity regains control of the message and fans perceive these genuine connections as the “holy grail” thus negating the rhetoric of “trash-media”

For the celebrity – Privacy on their own terms, but fans still feel they are a natural part of the process…more entrenched in the adventure and excited about journey.

Experience – fans develop a deeper level of commitment. From a “the-game” awareness to an “our-game” bond.

Moral of the story: Enduring trust and loyalty require authentic interaction and relevance …not 30 second spots.


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