Everything IS Mobile…Convergence

I have pondered the idea of mobile convergence for many years.  This image is actually the back of one of our kitchen cabinets.  Trying to conceive of what was to come, I created a montage of images and notes.  It became very clear, that soon “everything would be mobile” and I now have a bit of  redemption,  at least in my kitchen.  (J-told you this would come in handy) Continue reading

Mind our Connectedness!


Enabling a people-to-people process helps to develop a “Cycle of Courtesy”.

Mobile check-ins continues to grow and evolve.  EVERYTHING, everyplace and everyone,  creates content, shares and stays in touch. These creative connections are forming new sources of ideas, news and advice; changing not only the way we communicate, but how we discover and live.

Via Mobile, social-interaction should be designed to create excitement. Turning an “everyday” task into an occasion and inspiring a sense of connectedness… creates emotional connections.

From SXSW – Enabling New Experiences & Creating Serendipity Through Check-ins via ImageThink

Enabling New Experiences & Creating Serendipity Through Check-ins


PSFK and Microsoft Tag, Share How We Use Mobile Tags

We love this report!

Pondering what’s next in mobile is obviously near and dear to our hearts.  Via mobile, marketing can be nothing less than service and experience.
The ability to expand experiences by creating mobile occasions will likely form the strong emotional connections that make a difference.

Mobile tags, QR codes and search-able content create mobile occasions that people have come to rely on, appreciate and enjoy

Working with Microsoft Tag, PSFK has prepared a very insightful look at how we are using tags.  This report offers a wide-ranging mix of great examples!