Sites scrape heaps of our data, so why don’t we get a personalized experience?

Deanna Lawrence:

Soon! Looking forward to sharing more about our start-up. FOMO solved as well as our desire for relevance. Data and privacy working together.

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Almost everything we do – from driving to work to calling our families to ordering a sandwich for lunch – creates millions of pieces of useful data about our likes and dislikes. So web sites should be serving us a uniquely tailored set of content, right? Yet for the most part, the experience for users has remained static. While there are exceptions, much of the personalized element of most online content is the advertising (oh, and weather).

Consider the following: My grandmother in Florida and my buddy in Tel Aviv see the exact same site when they visit (except for the ads). Why is that? Both my grandmother and my buddy bring dozens of pieces of data with them to every site they visit. Our current-generation technology is capable of giving each of them a more personalized, contextual site experience, yet most web publishers don’t utilize this capability.

In the near…

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Events… A Real-Time Journey


Great example of connecting. 

The journey…takes followers and fans from a the-event to an our-event experience!

For events…consider three steps.

  • Pre-event – Build anticipation, listen and learn. See what is important and how followers/fans are talking about the event.
  • During-event – In real-time co-celebrate with followers/fans.  Respond, share content and reward followers/fans. The authenticity of their real-life experience(s) are moments that should not be missed.
  • Post-event – Emotional triggers.  Followers/fans will be looking to see how the event played out.  What did others share? Wish I could be there…moments for those far away.

Great social moments are born from great social opportunities!

Why Apple needs a wearable computer as much as wearables need Apple’s touch

Deanna Lawrence:

Wearables and connected devices are quickly changing how we live. Freeing up time, and enabling us to effortlessly check on this-and-that is important. Tracking our health and minding our connections is also important. Apple is certain to give us some very useful options…that fit our lifestyle.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

There are some pretty basic — but tough — requirements for creating a wearable computer with mass consumer appeal: it has to be comfortable, stand up to dirt, water and sweat, and, perhaps most importantly, it can’t make you look like a huge nerd. No one has managed to do this yet. However, as some of the biggest players in the mobile industry race to figure out how, it’s looking more probable that Apple is preparing to put its own twist on this nascent market.

By registering trademarks for iWatch all over the world and hiring an experienced fashion executive, Apple(s AAPL) appears to be preparing for the launch of its first wearable computing device. Should such a smartwatch eventually emerge from Cupertino, and if Apple has figured out a way to make a geeky product mainstream, it could have the same effect on the fledgling wearables market that the…

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Rory Sutherland knows how to save marketing (Wired UK)

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Why the next big technology may not be a technology at all

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We Need A Little Insanity: Jordan Zimmerman at TEDxUSF

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For our greatest success, we need to take daring risks and be willing to do things that may seem a bit “insane” to others. Advertising mogul Jordan Zimmerman…

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Life via Jordan Zimmerman: his story of insanity and how it led to a life of remarkable feats.

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Global Information Technology Report 2013


Something to pay close attention to: The Global Information Technology Report

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ICT readiness..

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Most Innovative Companies 2013


The Most Innovative Companies 2013

 The Secret: Each solution enables people.   The creators, listen, observe and often with users as a  part of the  process, design to solve problems.

Support Connections, Listen, and Learn.

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