How is a Billboard in Berlin seen around the world…?Ask MINI

Easy…you livestream it!  Ideal example…MINI’s billboard live from Berlin!

MINI’s new role(s); service, resource provider and enabler… the result, sustainable connections!

People from around the world are watching… People from around the world are getting billboarded , then seen on the corner of Kurfürstendamm and Joachimstaler Strasse, or via Facebook…everywhere.

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QR Codes Require Consequence

Recent findings from                                                                                                                   3GVision provide excellent support for our recent post Using QR Codes to “Make” A Connection. 

People require consequence when scanning QR codes. Whether they are looking for a coupon/discount, entering a sweepstakes/contest, or just searching for more information; there needs to be something of relevance at the end of the scan.  People will be looking for the “Free Prize Inside”. Continue reading

How are you following TED 2011?

The foundation's logo.

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We continue to be inspired, in one way or another, by every single TED video and event…

Embracing the vast differences within each message creates a unique perspective of the comprehensive challenges our world must face. The similarities found and the ability to see hope,  in the humble messages of those living life only for others…offers  strength and direction.

Collectively, TED has created a window of truth and a doorway to a better tomorrow…

A historic moment in the Arab world: Wadah Khanfar on

Our Take on Facebook’s Sponsored Stories

Please note this post was written in January of 2011 -

The difference between Engage and Connect is in “how” and, perhaps now “where” you RESPOND…

eMarketer takes a look at “What Makes Facebook Fan Pages Successful?”,  bringing perfect examples into focus through the way Coca-Cola and Starbucks have engaged and connected with fans.

It is true, Coca-Cola and Starbucks are perfect examples of how to create sustainable connections via social media. Coca-Cola often responds to comments and often highlights original content posted by fans.  They have adopted a very innovative mindset that entrusts the Coca-Cola brand in the hands of people who love them. Continue reading

BMW of NA Adopts Inspirational Marketing

BMW of North America understands the significance of conversation and collaboration.  A wonderful new documentary series, “Wherever You Want To Go: Four Films about the Future of Mobility”, shares a collective dialogue within a diverse, yet brilliant, group of scientists, academics, pioneers, and entrepreneurs.  Beyond challenging traditional thinking, the stories open a window to the various elements that will really influence the future of transportation. Continue reading