So, I’m just standin’ here…Enable Me!

Talk about a captive audience…

Recently we embarked on a family outing at a popular theme park. You know…rides, games, kid’s rides, shows and ridiculously overpriced concessions. The kind of park where you have to stand in line for at least an hour before you can ride. Talk about an opportunity to engage! Continue reading

LG Thrill 4G Enables a Collective 3D View | Jane’s Addiction Concert

LG  has embraced the idea of enabler!   At a recent Jane’s Addiction concert, fans were enabled to share their view by capturing footage of the concert via the LG Thrill 4G. The event was the first 3D user-generated concert and was also broadcast live on YouTube.  The concert will later be available on YouTube 3D.

Events, Concerts and Sports are perfect opportunities for brands to enable collaborative and immersive experiences for fans.

This is one TREND that will certainly disrupt! Continue reading

Interactive Publishing: Ideal for Extending Experiences

A look inside our 2011 Emerging Global Trend Report

One of my favorite trends is interactive publishing and the implications for extending experiences through mobile devices. In fact, the report itself was created to be viewed within a tablet format.  Using full-view, every page offers links to more information.

Bringing stories to life…

Interactive (digital) publishing will disrupt how writers create and editors view publishable content, but more importantly how people consume content, learn and share.  With Facebook’s recent acquisition of Push Pop Press, even more disruption is ahead. Continue reading

la Spagoguida 2011…Now with Google+

2Spaghi is one of the case studies in our just released 2011 Emerging Global Trends Report. They are the biggest social network in Italy sharing authentic reviews about restaurants and hotels. Recently, 2Spaghi added Google+ to each of the restaurant pages making it even more a part of the social graph.  2Spaghi’s Facebook page already has almost 7,000 followers and has proved a fertile environment for ideas and discussion.

The idea of influence grew organically leading to lasting connections, accountability and even fun disagreements Continue reading

I Watched the News Last Night…On Twitter

That’s right…On Twitter! What better way is there to keep up on the Breaking News about the Boehner Plan Vote in Congress? Up to the minute tweets detailing the back room meetings, pizza parties, calling Representatives in for closed door meetings, and the like.

Our “filtered” news channel of choice on Twitter is @LukeRussert. He embraces social media as a tool for reporting the news. His tweets are accurate (not sensationalized), to the point, honest and delivered with a sense of humor when appropriate. It doesn’t hurt that he is a Buffalo Bills fan also, but that’s just an added bonus.

Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, are becoming the preferred devices for delivering the news. They are NOW…when we want them. With Twitter pushing ads to user timelines, it looks like they see it coming too. News can now be delivered on your device of preference, at your location of preference. No more being held captive by a television news channel…ranting a network’s version of the news…at the time that they decide you want to hear it. Now it is news when you want it…where you want it…how you want it!

Tonight give it a try. Turn off your television…tune in to Twitter…and watch the news!


The X-Factor: Sports Teams and Social Media

Even though social media should be second nature to professional sports teams by now, not everyone gets it. Sports, especially professional sports, is a social interaction. Not just the game, but the activities associated with it. Fan Clubs, Tailgates, Draft Parties, Rallies, Team Introductions, All-Star Games and the like, are all social experiences.

Does your favorite team truly engage and connect with it’s Fans?

“Great social media moments are born from great social media opportunities!”

-Buffalo Bills Introduce New Uniforms with Military Personnel.                      -Dallas Mavericks- Site                                                            -Cleveland Indians Social Suite seating

Does your favorite team really interact with the Fans, or do they just broadcast the team news via social media platforms.

The X-factor: Emotional connections.  Teams must engage and connect with their fan-base. Allow the Fans to play out their emotional role in the game/team. Compel the Fans to feel as if it is Our Game/Team, not just the game/team. When the Fans go to the ballpark, stadium, etc., the overall feeling should be- “I’m in my element…part of the team”.

It seems all professional sports teams participate in social media. But there is only a handful that actively immerse fans in the game and themselves within social media, to engage and connect.

What about your team? Any thoughts?

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Buffalo Bills…True and Enduring Emotional Connections!

Recently the Buffalo Bills unveiled their new NFL uniforms. It was done at Ralph Wilson Stadium with all the ceremony deserving of such an event. The thing that made it special was the “models” that were used to present the new uniforms. Local military personnel, all avid fans,  were chosen to be the “models” to introduce the Bill’s new uniforms.

For these “models” of a true fan, this was a much deserved honor and a dream-come-true. Talk about a truly immersive experience! This not only formed enduring and emotional connections with the military men, but with all of the fans that watched or heard of it. These are connections that will not soon, if ever, be broken!

Go You Buffalo Bills…and our military too!


Collaborative and Immersive…@Pottermore

Just As We Hoped…!!

J.K Rowling has created @Pottermore as an immersive experience for fans. Even more exciting, the space will encourage and nurture collective ideas, most certainly with our key elements...authenticity and conviction. Continue reading

We’re Going Streaking!…ESPN

That is currently the battle-cry of my son-in-law. No, not that 70’s fad. We’re talking ESPN Streak For The Cash.

Not only has ESPN created an addicting game/competition, they have also engaged hundreds-of-thousands of players.  You log in each day (as many times as you choose), to make selections/guesses on the outcome of certain sporting events or circumstances. You are measured by your win streak. Yes…that’s consecutive wins. Continue reading